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"Ole after training and


26 pull through every time Detroit Pistons coach Real Madrid 2.5 seasons (  womens nike free 3.0 v42010 - 2012) results: 1 La Liga titles, 1 King's Cup champion, West Super Cup 1 comes to the topic of the old players coach, Fergus Vacanti and Solskjaer's name. "Ole, after training and competition will be taking notes, and now the problem is the players

When they reached the end of his career, they decided to be a coach, it is because they do not know what else to do other things. And Ole different from his very early to be prepared, his inner tough, there is no doubt, but He was always very friendly. "Recently, the Bernabeu dressing room is no secret at all, everything will happen as quickly as in the media,  womens nike free 3.0 v5 especially Mourinho, his every move clearly mastered the media, how he criticized players The player is how protested to him, and even some very secret, only a few individuals know things - for example, in losing 贝蒂斯后卡西 required before public speaking coach to think of intense speech, but also by the media master. thing is clear, the locker room had a ghost

And more than one, because those secrets were related to different players, in addition to Mourinho

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