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The vision of the Club's top 20. From an investment point of view, constant larger than that year's the shide took a big step forward, but from the world's top 20, they still have quite far. NESSIE AFC Super hengda club announced yesterday in the light of the new season bonus scheme, in which Super Bonuses remained at last year's level, winning awards 1 million, losing 1 million penalty, drew is not impunity. Meanwhile, "new nike blazers low   culture" remains the same, players have an under 21 player, win bonuses increased by 500,000, 2 or more bonuses increase by 1 million. FA Cup prize money increased slightly, winning awards from 300,000 to 600,000 last year, "new train" is also based on the original increase of 100,000 yuan. However, evergrande bonus system, which is almost negligible. Biggest change is reflected in the AFC on the bonuses. Evergrande set last year was "3103" programme, the winning prize of 3 million, tying award 1 million, lose not going unpunished, each qualified for the round of awards 3 million. In addition, the

Each one goal difference, with bonus 1 million. Opened this year is "31031" scenarios, each winning goal bonuses as high as 3 million, each qualify for a round, with 10 million rate. Compare the size of the bonus up to 2013, it nearly as much. 6 million two years ago to win awards, 3 million flat ball is much higher than it is now, but each goal worth $ 2 million, qualify for the prize of 6 million was a lot lower than they are today. In 2013, the evergrande in the AFC Champions League in total bonuses of up to 148 million. According to yesterday's bonus if they can once again crowned this year, bonuses may be higher than the previous year! If we apply the results of the AFC games two years ago statistics, evergrande win bonuses of up to 159 million. Each goal is worth $ 3 million, and highly motivational for the team! Of course, annual bonus, they were unable to reach the level of the previous year. Over 69 million of the possibilities on the field no longer exists, on the one hand, Club super bonuses were sharply lower on the other, powers

Increase investment, on the formation of evergrande encirclement of potential, constant p is difficult to defend, much less to maintain the past winning percentage. Discipline offenders sacked award is subject to heavy penalties at the other end, yesterday, the hengda Club in the 2015 season, the team management regulations, also marked a series of red lines. To ensure play AFC games, club rules, 5 days before the match the team must concentrate on closed training before the match after the game, must signal to the crowd, thanks; game,nike blazers high   must respect the opponents, do not strike back, curse does not retaliate; must obey the referee; training match must strive hard, crazy fights must respect the media, but decent. In day-to-day management, don't show up late, leave early, idling and training, open training without Manager approval, no unauthorized leave; no leaks and making irresponsible comments; not with the coaching staff, club managers being wined, gifts to each other; not clique, to attack each other; in the AFC race 5 days before any unnecessary contact with the outside world.

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