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that Atchoum born on a "scar

Snowfall of up to 40 cm to 50 cm. Media reported that the United States has already suffered two snowstorms in Northeast China over the past two weeks, many canceled flights at the airport, some schools have been closed, also left huge snowdrifts along when Snowplows necromancy. Boston has created 7-day snowfall record  vans ca carillo  over 1 m. According to foreign news blog site "" reported on February 3, Canada cats Atchoum although only 9 months old, but it's a serious expression and captivating eyes to impress people. It is reported that Atchoum born on a "scary face" sharp and keen gaze and even fear. In addition, Atchoum people who suffer from HIRSUTISM, cat lots of bushy look better than usual. Although Atchoum owner Natalie (Nathalie), Atchoum is a gentle and lovable cat, but serious eye thriller is still a daunting prospect. According to foreign media reports, France painter Paul Gauguin (Paul Gauguin) of a painting to 300 million dollars (197 million

Pound) deal, art the most expensive price record set up. It is reported that this entitled when will you get married? Oil paintings are made by Gauguin in 1892, painting in the two Tahitian Women, was formed by a Switzerland owned by collectors. Prior's priciest artworks sold was France painter Paul Cezanne (Paul Cezanne) a painting, for 158 million pounds deal, buyers came from Qatar this small oil-rich Middle East. Gauguin painting was originally from Switzerland collectors Staehelin (Rudolf Staechelin) collection, past decades have been in Basel Museum of art exhibitions. United States media reported that due to some disagreement Staehelin and Museum, so he decided to sell collections of this painting. Chinese new year, and particularly lively in the supermarket. February 6 at 6 o'clock in the evening, the Taizhou Huang

Rocks in a large supermarket. A group of young men suddenly shot, caught is quietly sweeping the floor cleaning lady in the supermarket aisles. Man flashed the handcuffs, turned out to be a group of plain-clothed police. And the old cleaning lady, what made it? Such a fuss. Police found a white powder from her, heroin. Subsequently, the cleaner at the supermarket counter drug over more than 30 grams of heroin, were seized in drug money of more than 6,000 yuan. For this scene, to supermarket customers also look silly, janitor turned out to be drug dealers. Cleaners drug was 18 years younger than her boyfriend this lurking in   vans shoes the supermarkets of drug trafficker surnamed Liu, 59 years old. She is drug trafficking, is 18 years younger than her boyfriend, Qin. Qin, a Sichuanese, 8 years ago, the two men met him when I worked in Taizhou. Although the age gap is big, but the two still live together. Zhihou, Qin was liable to a drug addiction. Liu also tried, but in vain. When the Qin dynasty some hallucinations, hard roll on the floor, Liu looked distressed. In addition, spending on drugs is quite large,

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