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20:33, Sun Li Deng Chao and through micro-blogging to celebrate 5 years of marriage anniversary, saying: "your birthday, our anniversary, in 2015, the 5 years!" Sun and romantic dinners for two, flowers wine and candles in the picture, there are a young couple gazing at each other, the most meaningful are two famous sweet images,  vans half cab  two wearing a wedding ring on, Deng Chao in this romantic moment still did not forget to make than themselves, and took his wife's hand still raised orchids, the screen warm and funny. This sweet Twitter exposure, users have forwarded message and blessing, but some netizens love Sun Li and the ridicule, said: "the 5 years you've worked hard, with three, is not easy!" More Netizen said: "fickle entertainment business like you loving couple, but also a manifestation of positive energy. "The afternoon of February 8, the FY-2 in Macao held the premiere, starring Wang Shiling as small also appeared at the scene. At about 6 o'clock in the afternoon, Li Wang Shiling Twitter released a group scene of the premiere photos, Wang Shiling wears a red dress in the photo, and Chow Yun-fat, frequently

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