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The Right Way to Dress up Men’s Zip Up Hoodies

Hoodies have been long associated with gym, youth, or rappers. It is also identical with ill-fitting clothes. Throughout the years, zip up hoodies has become a fashionable item if you do it right. It is adopted as ‘elegant comfort’ to wear for non-office attire. The most important factor when wearing men’s zip up hoodies is to mix it up properly to avoid looking like a teenager.

The best and safest way to wear hoodies is to stay away from neon patterns or colors and ill-fitted one. The hoodie you wear should formfitting the shape of the body. This is because all the means of ‘dress up’ is that the hoodie should slim and snug the body perfectly. Then, you can layer it down with a trench or top coat.

As aforementioned before, when wearing hoodies, make sure to stay away from neon colors and patterns. If you want something ‘casual’ to look more dressed-up, you need to go with basic colors such as white, black, or gray. If you do not want to look too monochrome, you can also play up with muted colors too such as navy, mustard, olive green, and more.

The Right Way to Dress up Men’s Zip Up HoodiesThe Right Way to Dress up Men’s Zip Up Hoodies
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