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and Suker kick again dispersed


1 goal per game scoring rate + far post which he joined Real Madrid. Real Madrid away win over Valladolid, Real Madrid assistant calanca attended the post-match press conference, this highly praised Real Madrid assistant staged Ozil scored twice,   adidas originals zx 750 uk"Ozil played great today, His performance tonight is fantastic, whether passing or corner, you ask him to do he has done very well, even without the ball state also played well. Ozil is the kind of player we are looking forward to. " C · Lo in Madrid derby before the kick, the discussion about who should come to Real Madrid free kick constant, C · Lo is indeed the most in four years the number of players in La Liga kick, but it can not be denied

Basic C · Lo kick more, ultra-high kick of his times, and the Portuguese's free  adidas originals zx 700 ukkick in the rate actually declining state. Never kick a lack of experts on the history of Real Madrid, in order to kick long rule is not easy. "Five Eagle era" Sanchez, Schuster, Vazquez and Michelle is in turn kick, after a brief monopolies Haji, the arrival of letting Mijatovic and Suker kick again dispersed, Hierro and Carlos can not monopolize kick Real Madrid, and later a master Luis Figo, Zinedine Zidane and David Beckham are also only an opportunity to share in their good location ...... more Real Madrid in the Champions League group stage this week against Ajax, said Modric said:. "Ajax are a great team, their game is to win and qualify, so we have to be especially careful", "team" reported

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