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nike roshe run slip cheap for Brian when the lifetime

This year French second-round match Paris Saint-Germain and Bastia ended, Mota was punched by Bastia player Brandon head. Recently France official Brandon when the League Disciplinary Committee  nike roshe run cheap     suspended for six months the penalty decision, he could go to prison. 0-2 lost that game Bastia, in the tunnel after the match, Andre Brandao waiting when Mota walked to his front, suddenly his head was made, Motta's face, causing Motta a fractured nose, monitors this scene was captured. After Brenda when a formal apology on the personal social networking platform, he hopes to get Mota pardon and expressed regret for their actions.

Motta decided to downplay the matter, indicated that he did not prosecute Andre Brandao, France police to investigate Andre Brandao, to confirm that the specific case where this happens. Paris Saint-Germain was so angry, President Gamal Abdel Nasser-aierhelaifei calls   nike roshe run slip cheap    for Brian when the lifetime ban. France League Disciplinary Committee after an investigation ultimately decided on Brandon when suspended for six months, which means that he may return to Bastia until March next year to attend the game.

However there may be more serious consequences such as Andre Brandao, according to France Press the team daily news, November 3, Brandon when will attend the court hearing, he was deemed intentional acts of violence. If Brian when he was found to be acts of violence, will face jail time and fines. Brandon when won the Marseille won the French League Championship, but his behavior inside and outside the Court was stained in 2011, has been accused of raping a 23-year old woman. In March last year when the French League clash with Paris Saint-Germain, Andre Brandao kick Thiago Silva, and throat against Beckham playing for the Paris.

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