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Nike Mercurial Vapor X Review

Nike created a huge buzz in the market with the launch of the next gen SuperFly, Nike Mercurial SuperFly IV. With the exciting promo campaigns, the arrival of the Nike Mercurial Vapor X was shunned by its more advanced sibling the SuperFly. Regardless whether it pulled the initial array of crowds, the Vapor range is one of Nike’s oldest and reliable signature speed silos till date, constantly pushing the limit to redefine the design and technology to perform to the max. The same is the case with the next generation Mercurial, the Vapor X. It’s no wonder that Nike brings forward radical changes and innovations in the industry. A fine example is seen again with the top tier Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7. With first glance, the boot piques interest with its bright red colorway and the traditional Nike swoosh bigger and more prominent across the front of the upper and a smaller swoosh replacing the NIKE writing seen on previous models. The boot looks bright and lively. You will quickly notice a rather unusual change in the tongue area of the upper that is an absence of a tongue creating a single piece upper to provide a seamless fit. The upper is made from the high quality Teijin microfiber synthetic similar to the older models. But this time around, the material is thinner in comparison which makes the foot locked into the boot as well as making the boot flexible and comfortable to wear. It doesn ’t feel like just a synthetic but has leather like feel which is great. Messi Football Shoesa, The tongue is created with ultra thin material which is a little stretchy to fit in and out of the boot with ease. This makes the break in period rather short and you can comfortable play within one training session as the material gets softer. The synthetic upper feels soft and flexible offering a great feel for the ball and a great touch, getting more grip due to ACC technology used.

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