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Putting Nike's LeBron 13 to the test: Here's what we learned

During an individual training session set up by Nike Basketball to wear-test James’ latest signature sneaker, the Billig Lebron 13. The look of the shoe didn’t get the best reaction from the general public when it was first introduced, mainly because of the unusual “ ink blot” shape of the hyperposite panel over the ankle areas on the outer side. But they look extremely sharp on foot and in person, and the performance of this iteration of LeBron’s signature sneaker is the best since the LeBron Xs dropped three years ago. The LeBron 12 was an above-average sneaker for performance Billig Nike KD 8, and was the first to incorporate Nike’s Hex-Zoom cushioning system. But it was still a big-man’s shoe, designed to support and protect players of LeBron’s stature. The 13 improved upon the Hex-Zoom cushioning by making the pads bigger and bouncier, and managed to get lighter with a thinner layer of materials that were used on the upper, making it much more manageable for everyday use. The hyperposite panels were actually a genius addition Kjøp billig Kobe Sko, because they’re strategically- placed to give you the support where you need it, as opposed to outfitting the entire shoe with heavier materials in unnecessary spots.

Putting Nike's LeBron 13 to the test: Here's what we learned
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