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Sportsvibe Football Boots Review: Adidas Adizero F50

Next up to be trialled and tested by the Sportsvibe team is the adidas adizero F50, a pair that will certainly make you stand out on the pitch. In terms of style, the best way to describe these boots is ‘an acquired taste.’ You’d have to be pretty brave to wear these during a Sunday League clash, but if you can pull them off then all credit to you. Overall, a bit too lairy for my personal taste, so I’m afraid it will have to be a 3/10.If you’re not too keen on how the boots look, the good news is they allow you to move so quick you might not be seen in them. Everything from the choice of leather to the alignment of the studs is designed to help you get across the grass at pace and you certainly feel sharper when you’re wearing them.It’s almost like you’re wearing socks they’re so light, so top marks for speed - 9/10. Adidas have always made comfortable boots and these are no different. nike Hypervenom Phantom II, Soft leather all the way around the top of the foot and a nice amount of cushioning in the heel will forgive you for flat-footed running late on in the game The stud formation gives you perfect balance too. Difficult to fault for comfort but perhaps a little thin for some people’s preference so we’ll go with 8/10. Soft and thin leather is always beneficial for ball control and these certainly provide that. Without any additional material or bits of rubber sticking out as many boots have these days you get a consistent feel all the way around the foot. Of course you have to have a decent touch in the first place though - the boots won’t do it for you. They come in with a 7/10 on this one. The boots don’t appear to have any specific technology designed to enhance the sweet spot, but having struck a few 20 yarders towards goal they don’t seem to restrict any power. If you’re looking for a boot that focusses on aiding your ball striking then the predator has always been the one puma football boots, but for a boot that focuses mainly on speed, touch and agility, power isn’t compromised. It comes in with a fair 6/10. 33/50 - If you’ve got the balls to play in pink, you can certainly reap the benefits of these. Light as a feather and an all round good performer.

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