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The Mind’s Eye: Inside The Nike Kobe 11 Innovation Lab

At one point during host Kevin Frazier’s presentation of the new Nike haussures Kobe 11 installation at the Nike Vault in Los Angeles, he mentioned that somebody in the foreign media asked him where the actual lab was. You see, Nike constructed this mad scientist laboratory for the launch of the Nike Nike Kobe 11 Elite. Alongside the high-tech presentation of previous Nike Kobe entries were old school test tubes and beakers filled with artifacts not unlike what you see in a horror movie. It was dark, damp and red. And somebody thought that there was an actual lab like this owned by one Kobe Bean Bryant. Frazier was quick to shoot that down and say that this was all Nike’s interpretation of what Kobe’s lab would be. But was it really? Couldn’t we all actually picture Mamba working feverishly at some crazy time in the night in his home office and coming up with something, shooting a text to Eric Avar, who is also up at some crazy time in the night doing the exact same thing? That same mentality can be applied to his sneakers. It’s easy to see why some sneakerheads would be frustrated with Kobe’s kicks because save for some Elite deviations, the Kobe line has been a lightweight, low-cut basketball shoe since 2007. Hell, they even acknowledge it in the official press release for the shoe… But it’s also easy to see why someone might be attracted to the philosophy of chasing perfection, which is what Kobe and Avar have been doing for quite some time now. By chasing perfection, they will never be satisfied and because they’re never satisfied, it drives them to keep going pushing boundaries and producing the best possible product for the time that they had to make it. They didn’t give up on Flyknit on the Kobe 9 or the Pas Cher Kobe 11; they knew the material was f*****g amazing and they wanted to get it right.

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