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Last December 12, the LV Corporation staff the rather shop discovered in home Le Fuwu that, after sells counterfeits LVLV handbag Le Fu to sentence compensates 300,000 judged had ended, presiding judge Shen Zhi accepts reporter first when the interview indicated, took a well-known large-scale chain-like supermarket, the family happy luck handbags subordinate branch store appears counterfeit actually LVLV handbag, has the subjective on mistake. The court debates regarding it called did not know the defendant brand the words of apology do not give pick the letter, finally recognized the association family supermarket has not arrived the reasonable attention the duty, sentences compensates 300,000 Yuan. The judicature after suggested sends out, family happy luck Shanghai sells the false package! Suffers LV to sue for damages 500,000 Yuan to locate continuously in upscale woman the skin has the thing ” LV ” handbag producer LV, such as ,is unable Monogram Vernis to accept positive valance 8950 Yuan women the handbag to counterfeit sells cheap to 49.9 Yuan, moreover seller or global well-known family happy luck. Therefore, at the beginning of this year, Louis Vuitton the rather shop respective joint family supermarket considers family Le Fuwu the court, requests opposite party to stop the right infringement, 3 assumed Louis Vuitton handbag Le Fufu 300,000 card holder price sale expired meat product event only then just to subside, also is considered by LV Corporation the court, the reason was sells section inexpensive LV handbag to be a suspect pretends LV name brand Louis Vuitton handbag. Yesterday, the city two courtyards tries publicly this document. Last December 12, the LV Corporation personnel the rather shop discovered in home Le Fuwu, three section selling price 49.9 Yuan Di female -like leisure package of and selling price near 9000 Yuan quality goods LV female -like leisure package extremely similar. The staff purchased one immediately, the family happy luck sell has pretended on a LV leisure package of defendant the court to live fills the air is in a stew loves the luxury goods the air, they LV, GUCCI when the book bag, was opening BENZ, the BMW riding instead of walking, was taking the coal credit card shuttle in the European various given names shop, the daily program was a night of shop, the faction to with the gambling establishment. If you are interested in the louis vuitton replica, you can go to louis vuitton outlet provide some replica Louis vuitton handbags not only has good quality but also cheap price.
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