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Final group stage game a few days ago, Paris Saint-Germain, Porto, Schalke, and arsenal, Malaga, Valencia, Milan, Dortmund, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, as well as the 5 groups of 10 teams have targeted the outlet, part of which group is the group header name has been determined well in advance of the team. And there is nike free 5.0 mens  the suspense Panel outlet, the teams first round team have also been determined.The final round, only e, g, h, three groups have cut the suspense. Eventually Juventus beat FC Shakhtar Donetsk go-ahead group header name, knocked out Chelsea. Group g, the Celtics win against Benfica after advancing to the knockout stage with second place. Group h Galatasaray won jointly with Manchester United after the round of 16.

This last 16 is also apparently European four Carling Premiership, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie a, and 4 League teams occupy the playoff's 11 seats. Four major league promotion performance also reflects European League trend. La Liga team's Europa League excellent, and the Spain national football team in the world. Bundesliga again after after all these years of collective progress, the Bundesliga is booming. 2 in the Premiership out unexpectedly and fierce competition for League full of variables. The Serie a, the overall decline can only be 2 traditional Giants strugglingApart from the four major league teams, European League second group also have an excellent play. French League continues to maintain a tradition of teams advancing to the playoffs, Paris did well winning a top seat. Super, Scottish, Earth, and also Portuguese-speaking Ukraine League one team qualify which 5 League can say fairly close to the Premier League and Serie a.

Champions one-eighth final against on  cheap nike huaracheDecember 20 ballot. Group will be following the first, occupies a certain psychological advantage. Next year's February 12 and February 13, one-eighth, will be performed on the final first-round contest.Beijing time on December 13, 2012 FIFA World both Cup semi-finals in Japan Yokohama International Stadium fight, champions Chelsea against North American Champion in Monterrey. The 16 minute, Matta volley score anywhere near the area. 46 minutes, Torres cut blast out into the goal by an adversary. On 47 minutes, Monterrey Defender Hugo Chavez Mata's cross out into their own doors. The 91 minute, de Nigris small-angle break. Chelsea eventually 3-1 Monterrey, Lectra will be in the final against South American champions Corinthians

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