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After the opening, both rhythm quickly, 8 minutes, Tony Crosse from a corner on the left, Dante scramble for the right place in front header, out of doors on the right column. After 13 minutes, hanging free kick into the area of Valencia,  nike free 3.0 v4 mens Lamy Barb broke in the rough and tumble, but offside, be found invalid. The 14 minute, Arabba zone free kick goal directly on the right, high beams.In the just-ended in a Champions League group e match, FC Shakhtar Donetsk beat FC Nordsjaelland 5:2 away from home, has locked the second places in advance and current defending champion Chelsea lost to Juventus 3 ball pushed to the brink. But the game is not as easy and smooth as displayed on the scoreboard, because this battle gave birth to this year's Champions League one of the most controversial goal!

Subsection 26 minutes, miners team of William this wanted to put ball kick back FC Nordsjaelland goalkeeper, because previously FC Nordsjaelland team of Lorenzen due to hurt accept treatment, FC Nordsjaelland Defender also think move nike free 3.0 v5 mens is granted of, but William of teammate Eduardo Ruiz-Adriano seems to completely puzzled style, he will William of passing cut Xia, through also some didn't sustained had God son to of FC Nordsjaelland Defender were, Hoang had goalkeeper easily will ball into JC Penney, in FC Nordsjaelland just leading 2 minutes of situation Xia on will score equalized.

FC Nordsjaelland players and fans of the home team nature of such "unethical" anger scored, the home team players have questioned him as a wall in front of Adriano, even nearly collide. But after scoring Adriano's hands, look innocent, seems to think that the goal completely without any problems. After this goal, FC Nordsjaelland players wanted to take the ball into the miners ' gate, hope that the miners to "let a ball" to counteract the goals from Adriano, but FC Shakhtar Donetsk Defender obviously don't think it was deserved, they will be under the ball off against FC Nordsjaelland's attack, it certainly infuriated the home team players and fans.

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