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Monterrey is already competing for two consecutive years, one-eighth at the weekend finals, Monterrey 3-1 sweeping the Asian champions Ulsan Hyundai Horang-I, power can not be ignored. Although Chelsea is participating for the first time, but the Blues boss Rafael Benitez has twice daily on the Cup experience, especially in 2010  nike free run 3 womens led by Inter Milan won the Championship. Victor between the two teams, engaged the Lectra aeraheli 1-0 to the Corinthians in the finals.uozike rubbed his shot wide. 9 minute, Azar left after two other men to cross, Oscar chesting a little further away, was beat out by Monterrey Defender. After 12 minutes, Monterey pass after blunders, Oscar scoop his shot wide. After 1 minute, Chelsea out of the left corner, Eva cushion shot wide in front.

The 16 minute, Oscar area front back heel pass, Ashley Cole swept across the road, calm volley score anywhere near the Matta area, 1-0, Chelsea ahead! On 26 minutes, Chavez cross from the left after deduction of the Azpilicueta, de Nigris beat Cech, he shook his head before the goal, but the ball a little bit higher. On 33 minutes, attacking Cole, Torres adjustment too much ball in the restricted area. On 38 minutes, Corona smash volley, but de nike free run 2 sale Nigris failed to top the ball. Article 43 minutes, Chelsea's last consecutive tie, Oscar ball within the closed area is too large to be the opponent out.

The second half both sides fight again, just 15 seconds, Adjara took the ball to the bottom line back to Torres tweaking blast the ball hit Monterrey Defender line network, 2-0! On 47 minutes, Torres left smash speed, sending out foot diagonal pass, Mata cross front defensive Chavez knocked the ball in at the door, 3-0. After 56 minutes, Chelsea field after a quick counterattack, Torres scored after a slight hesitation ball. On 62 minutes, outstanding performance in this game was Frank Lampard replaced Louise. On 65 minutes, Lampard scrubbing his shot wide at the top of the box.

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