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Dolly eyelash extension set! for bigger brighter eyes. Length+volume

Volume , length and everything nice!


If you have any other design in mind, please let me know during the consultation. I will customize according to your needs and what I think will be the most suitable for your lashes! I want to them to last as long as possible.

The Adhesive used for eyelash extensions is a medical grade and is only to be applied to lashes, not the skin. It is very unlikely that clients will experience an allergic reaction, however it is recommended that a small amount of glue is applied to the clients lashes 24 hours before a full set of extensions are carried out. This is optional. If an allergic reaction occurs,I will not be responsible.


All clients must sign a waiver form.



Eyelash extensions 


Lift Set / Natural Set- $55 


Give that extra flare to your eyelashes! This set can my completely natural OR  This look is for people who wants to play it safe and at the same time get the volume and length that they're looking for ! .You'll DEFINETLY have people asking you whether they're real or not because they look like your real lashes ! 


Two choices under this set

Very natural - I will be using thinner lashes. This looks like your own lashes except it'll add more length.


Flare  - Add length and volume to your lashes without overdoing them! This will widen your eyes more because longer lashes are place near the outer corner of the eye There is more of a flare to it compared to the natural length. Its a toned down version of the Glamour set. 


Volume and length will be discussed during the consultation. 

Dolly Set - 55$ ( Full set)

Dolly eyelash extension set! for bigger brighter eyes. Length+volume
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