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maintenance free, but Mr POON, this pair of Nike shoes

characteristics, independent operations and operations, but also Li-Ning sports on top of an existing business, Li Ning to increase the overall sales performance of the group as a whole, instead of occupying the time of Li-Ning sports business space. (China-shoes excursions, the most authoritative professional shoes industry information centre), "shoes network-consumer market in China," "the shoes bought about 50 days, split soles   new balance 574 floral hemp pack ukand uppers of connection", 23rd, members of the public, Mr POON reflected. After cracking the shoes, Mr POON found shoe shopping center shops and shopping centers require more expensive shoes, but was rejected.

According to Mr POON, in March 2012, he at your Centre shops and shopping centers fell in love with a pair of new Nike sneakers. This pair of shoes was 700 Yuan, he bought at the discount price of about 480. One day in May this year, Mr Pan I found, this pair of Nike shoe uppers and the outer soles have cracked. Due to the busy schedule,  new balance 574 hologram uk so he made up the crack in this pair of shoes.In early October, Mr Pan contact your Center shops and shopping centers on the Nike Store, and shop shoes were reflected by cracking the case. The Nike Store said at that time, you can get in-store shoe checks and maintenance free, but Mr POON, this pair of Nike shoes

are expensive, you cannot simply stick. Shoes not long past due to distance, he hoped that businesses replacing a pair of new shoes for him.Since then, Mr POON has two contact your Centre for shops and this Nike Store, but the Nike Store still says, seeing that it's out of warranty, it can only crack free of glue, can not be replaced.23rd afternoon, expensive residential and shopping center Sport Center store floor duty manager, Ms Choi said when Mr ban came to repair the shoes, already out of warranty. According to the relevant regulations of the State guarantees policy for the current shoe kaijiao cases, only for maintenance. After consultation with the customer, store will be free to repair shoes for customers. If

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