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Before the home game against Chelsea, 3-1 Paris are more confident of

Before the home game against Chelsea, 3-1 Paris are more confident of winning the first leg, the team of Argentina striker laweiqi, Blues in 2012, reversing the Naples scene cannot be repeated, because stronger mentality than Naples, nike free run 2 nzParis is more stable. But the end result but allowed laweiqi to shame, I don't blame him, if Chelsea may be unable to reverse in Paris two years ago, but the biggest difference between this team, is to have a "special one" Mourinho.


Before the game, Chelsea fans in the bleachers making banners supporting Mourinho: "one of the best! "Portugal are through extraordinary wittiness in directing skills, and proved himself worthy of the fans of this support. Due to Matic, Salah did not have Champions League qualification, while Ramirez accumulated yellow card suspension, so Mourinho's starting line-up was not new, the biggest surprise is the injury of Samuel ETO ' o, but mad men also said the Cheetah "does not 100% to heal", just as the latter go strongly desire, and Torres's recent state again quite bad, so he sent the people of Cameroon play.


Game 17th minutes, Mourinho ushered in has first a test, nike free run 3 nzteam first attack hand Adjara injured happens to, at this time Chelsea of substitute seats Shang sat with Torres, and log Baba and Xu Erlei three bit attack hand, despite then team presence Shang of offensive blocked, but Mourinho and no for Shang striker beats life, he select on bit for Shang Xu Erlei, results this substitution achievements has Chelsea Super reversed of first step, Germany winger in 32nd minutes for Chelsea break impasse, 2 minutes Hou he in area within was Velati put pour, Slow mirror show the latter are suspected of foul play, and at 52 minutes, Xu Erlei fire road, the closed area was blocked off by the beam out, linweishouming the Germans almost single-handedly eliminated the opponent.
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