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Recently, Uruguay famous striker and former Manchester United "paralle

Recently, Uruguay famous striker and former Manchester United "parallel imports" when Diego Ge Fulan said in an interview made clear that before signing Liverpool he worked at Suarez, trying to persuade to join it to Manchester United, but ultimately little brother, Suarez, Forlan's national team was selected last seasonnike free 3.0 v5 nz. Liverpool was the biggest surprise in the Premiership this season, until this point in the season, it was discovered that the most that is not Mourinho's Chelsea champions, nor money to build the city, and certainly not last season's champions Manchester United but the reds Liverpool that have been sinking for years before. In addition to Rogers made, Liverpool is a remarkable track record owes much to Suarez's Super play, he made 28 appearances this season but scored a stunning 29 goals, said he was Europe's hottest strikers are inadequate.


Suarez is joined to Liverpool from Ajax in January of 2011, but at that time, Uruguay once God front closer to Manchester United, because his national team senior, former Manchester United striker Diego Ge Fulan had been joined to their own efforts to persuade Suarez who had played for the reds. Regarding the scene when persuading Suarez, Forlan said: "my relationship with him is very good, he always asked me for advice at the time he was ready to leave the Netherlands to other bigger clubs, and also against Liverpool, but I told him he should join the Club, but I said to him, Liverpool's good and its great history.


Fran highlighted an episode, it's 2009-2010 season's Europa League semi-final second leg, Atletico equalized the score goal at Anfield, with Fran 2-2 of Liverpool,nike roshe run nz and eventually by virtue of away goals advancing to the final of the finals. Watched horses competing in the games that will be knocked out by opponents, Fran had come into 2-2, and he therefore enjoyed the applause of the Anfield fans, this experience let Fran very memorable: "I told Soares, I help eliminated Atletico Madrid, Liverpool in the Europa League, while I got applause from Liverpool fans. "From three seasons between the 2001-2004 time, is what effect United's Forlan, this time actually was Fran the worst of my career, because all three seasons he only devoted 10 Premiership goals for the team, and brought" Super parallel "reputation, but that did not deter his love for Manchester United. Finally Forlan said: "my persuasion did not succeed, Suarez was more like Liverpool, of course, now he also conquered Liverpool fans, he was a striker in a striker.

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