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Since Andres Iniesta after the country Derby as Barca break the deadlo


Since Andres Iniesta after the country Derby as Barca break the deadlock, red and blue army has scored 11 goals before tonight. Apart from an own goal, neimaer, and Lionel Messi scored all 10 goals. Lionel Messi has scored 7 goals neimaer scored 3 goals. Data of these two superstars is bright, but means that Barcelona collective yahuo other offensive players. Sure enough, Atletico has been banned completely after a South American double gun,new balance 574 nz is completely down Barcelona's offensive firepower. Neimaer and Messi wasted two excellent break opportunities, but the former can begin to leave the Calderon Stadium, which you will need to review their own games. Massey became famous, was one of his worst games tonight.


Neimaer scored twice, respectively in the 48th and 77 minutes. Shortly after the start of the second half, neimaer ran out of a single opportunity, unfortunately he couldn't Wade Courtois to strike earlier. Alaikexisi-Sanchez 77 minutes right out of the precise crossing, neimaer left of the penalty spot diving header was made, the ball struck the far post flew out of the bottom line. Lionel Messi scored twice the opportunity, occurs in the 12th and 23 minutes respectively. new balance 996 nzAlves on the right 45 degrees 12 minutes a cross from Messi finally found an open opportunity, but after he played the road heading out of the far post. Marr left and walk a straight line forced a breakthrough within 23 minutes, Miranda, then rebates around Adrian, humours Diego finally wears crotch. Cross knock road after three other men neimaer Messi tuishe front left foot was incredibly small closed area will be the goal kick.


It is not difficult to see the four chances, Messi's scoring opportunity came in the first half, neimaer carry Barca in the second half of the campaign. Cheerleading in Atletico's overall recovery began after guard, Macy's is wholly divorced from the Team System. Throughout the second half, Messi had only a cordon blocking a free kick shoot. In other words, he wasn't Courtois in positional warfare in the second half and even making any threats. Neimaer does not take that chance, but he's still the best offensive players from Barca, at least he again and again with a thin little body shocks the horses competing lines. Macy's State of mind, it is completely incomprehensible. Compressed space extremely limited Atletico did Lionel Messi, Messi himself was the lack of sufficient entrepreneurial desires. Throughout the second half, Messi barely into the Atletico area. He was not famous for personal breakthrough to shock horses competing defense after he gets the ball behind first choice is always back to team-mates!
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