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Again pushing the refined peaks. Upper with grey background, stitching pattern with a black color scheme patterns similar to the upper and bottom links in line with gold embellishment, shoes Jordan signature blonde, highlighted in a low-key luxury, like a lion in a crowning touch, overall style lighting. The rest is pure white, the soles are black fingerprints. The lime color scheme will be published on April 5, shoe freaks ready to do it. 23,  womens saucony trainers  a number that symbolizes the honor and glory in the basketball world, a crazy and engraved on the hearts of fans around the world to figure, a dream was given countless players jersey number, a man many common experiences from childhood to parenthood legend. 23, has been one the same time 16, jumping on a basketball court in that part of the world's most sacred

Nearly 15 seasons, who carries the expectations and hopes of so many people ... ... Yes, he is Michael Jordan! a has dazzling Halo is and seems to is next door brother like familiar of basketball hero, said he for hero point also not for had, he by achievements of history called a era, let world knows basketball and not knows basketball of, like basketball and not like basketball of people are can bearing in mind of a era--is Jordan and he of "23" of era! February 23, 2008, is the Nike Jordan brand was founded 23 years ago, Air Jordan xx3 black and white color version in the officially listed in China's day, it is Michael Jordan XXIII exhibition officially opened in Nike space 706 times. On this day, history into light, legend reflects strength, bringing together space feast-706-"casting legend"

Nike glory 23 years of flying and stories shared with Jordan fans all over Asia in all of China, but also for the Jordan brand 23 inscribed a copy of Flash memory. History in the making, engraved in the heart of the glorious spring Nike space 706 under cover of darkness has become a Holy Church, simplicity of wall decoration exudes the v buy cheap air jordanof solemnity in the Western Church architecture. Holy glow reflects Jordan's fingerprints, there emerged a good deal of reverence in the heart of Italy. "Casting the legendary" Michael Jordan. XXIII exhibitions just like that with people's expectations and accelerated heart beat be presented than before, like listen to the warm memories of storytelling, Idol for a long time and like to see the same disturbing, flowing to the heart speaks for a different kind of excitement. Enter the exhibition hall, Salt Lake City's "last shot" first

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