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Annual Conference held in Manhattan Beach, California, United States with former President Bill Clinton attended the Council and made a statement. Clinton to more than 1500 employees Skechers ' management, published by team members and international partners "for the common development of prosperity throughout the world" importance. His Clinton Foundation, for example, shows how even the ever-changing political and jordan son of mars low cheap   social challenges to realizing this goal. Indeed, Skechers take politicians to undertake branding is the industry's first. Sportswear New Balance has a range of trainers called the President jogging shoes, United States President Barack Obama passes through one, and led the brand new fashion. Ding Yiyu MBC new Monday Tuesday drama recently shot the watchman log has sent staff to the trainers present. This TV features a ghost as a theme, so often is taken in the evening. In order to

Reward staff working hard day and night, Ding Yiyu after repeated consideration, decided to take their sneakers. In particular, he is said to have started one by one to confirm the list of staff and shoes, but also personally distribute, as a token of thanks, staff were very moved. TV official said "the shooting scene in the early atmosphere has been very good, snap happy. Ding Yiyu care staff in every possible way, which makes shooting very lively, cheerful atmosphere "," this gift of sneakers really very touching. " In addition, the watchman logs will be premiered on August 4. Man from Putian of the eighties generation CAI, for quick profits, through Alibaba shop selling fake some brand shoes, recently seized by public security organs in one fell swoop, come to wealth end. Recently, licheng district, Putian City, Fujian province, the public prosecutor's Office

The prosecution accused Cai Mou was convicted of guilty of selling the goods of counterfeiting registered trademarks shall be sentenced to two years and six months, suspended for three years, fined 130,000 yuan. One day in early new jordan melo m10  June last year, CAI Gong Chen Street, licheng district, Putian City, 1800 Yuan per month to rent the storefronts on the West HGV housing established Office and warehouse, then a trade limited company on Alibaba website dedicated to selling fake some brand shoes. Cai Mouxian from other shoe manufacturers to order the shoes price of around 80 dollars, and through online communication with customers, selling at 90 to 170 Yuan. End of January 2014, civilian police monitoring over a network in Putian City Public Security Bureau-SEC team in the West g houses caught CAI, and seized fake some brand shoes 96 pairs. Through transactions that are available from the CAI website found that 2

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