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discount nike air force 180 a very important secret

With its stylish brand now has gathered a large group of personalities in the country distinctive "slave girl", and the fans groups continues to grow at an alarming rate. Dan than slaves: why is so popular? why sales each year can create high? end, it kind of secret? actually, this one,   discount nike air force 180   a very important secret is different than slave attached great importance to localization. As of today, Dan nu has over 1500 brand, brand stores, spread throughout the country. But as we all know, North-South markets both customs and consumption levels and interests are very different, if you want to try for sale from brands around, brands can develop localized goods is essential.

So brand Dan than slave will often high performance to the brand store, record each branded shop hot products and best-selling product sizes, and made proposals for improvements to the headquarters through various views converge, went on to design more in line with products for the local market, close-fitting cut. But accurate estimates in order to solve the local brand of product sales and selling products, DAMBOLO the introduction of ERP systems, hope accurate data throughout the  nike kd 6 cheap   report branded stores sent the most suitable products and solutions. Let me tell you a little secret, DAMBOLO through the official mailbox to collect customer feedback, either praised or criticized both direct access to their mailboxes, and DAMBOLO top a letter personally see. Dan than the slaves of the intentions, thoroughly touched every one of Dan consumers than the slave, so that they follow naturally from it.

International exhibition of leather for leather industries around the world provides an open platform for Exchange, both sides provides excellent trade and investment opportunities to international trade, effective solution to the drop in exports, leading consumption hot spots, increasing the production and sale of leather and related products rose, promoting the development of leather industry. Internal and external demand, is the direct cause of slowdown in China leather industry. In order to promote the development of the industry, recently, in 2014 all China leather exhibition, China International footwear fair and China International luggage, fur clothing and apparel show in Shanghai. This reporter learned that, the exhibition is the barometer of China's leather industry, is the world's influential and internationally recognized trade show of maturity. Blowout in the information age, events promoted of economy leather the real economy still speaks for itself.

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