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his peripheral vision would have


Against  converse all star cheap Slovenia, Hong Kong's frankwell sent with the first match against Angola in the same line-up – Liu Xiaoyu, Ding Yan rain sail, Zhou Peng, Li Muhao, Li xiaoxu. This lineup has appeared several times in pre-season, I believe that some time in the future even the Incheon Asian Games, will be Hong Kong's frankwell's first team. Chinese team in the Cup game, which is Angola's battle for third place. Throughout the first three games, two WINS and one loss, results were still positive. However, the final result is not the most important, to learn what is the key.

Liu Xiaoyu was no panic, his peripheral vision would have seen the top of the arc outside the three-point line and unguarded teammates Li xiaoxu, Liu Xiaoyu jog wrists, a left hand came out of the blow fly to Earth is precisely the arms of Li xiaoxu. Catch converse pro star cheapthe ball cleanly through the three points after the latter hit, let the Chinese team scored a last-minute opponent by two points, hit key, in this case, also in order to help the Chinese team won the "winner".

Their efforts in Exchange for a payoff. Not only Hong Kong's frankwell repeatedly in public occasions mention points two bit players, Slovenia team of coach ziduoweiqi in and team game Hou, also special praised has two people of performance: "I like controlled ball Defender Guo Ailun, also has addition one controlled Wei Liu Xiaoyu, they of speed to we manufacturing has is big of trouble, let we of controlled ball Defender hard anti-, repeatedly through breakthrough upset we of nike blazer floral sale defensive. ”

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