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Chinese women's soccer team

Shanghai Hong Kong new  nike free run 2 nz season lineup changes are not great, and assistance in the introduction of the old captain Wang Jiayu, most major foreign aid in foreign aid is Sweden striker haisen, overall strength of a certain promotion, another departure of the team's biggest change is Gao Hongbo.
GAO Hongbo opened in Jiangsu SAINTY this season 3-5-2 formation, crossing the line formed by aileiersen, Taal and Leon three defenders. Tonight at home against Tianjin Teda, aileiersen Ren Shun day-right in the Centre. After injury for nearly a month's time, this effect has not aileiersen in the game play.

Chinese women's soccer team at this time, for example, Gao Hong is however institutes throughout the country within the context of the selection of the players, almost "as long as you play, you are the international" status. Conversely, our neighbours nike free run 3 nz Japan, who after four years of brushwood, runner-up to world number one. Aside adult team success abroad, the women's team is the world champion in men's soccer, women's soccer youth enrolment, China times or even fold. Have such a large base of football, Japan not only strange!

Natural orange by the Luneng team, because as we all know, Luneng team Jersey's main colors are orange, and Shandong Luneng also have always been proud in Orange. Xin Yue Orange suit meant that official representative Shen Xin Shandong Luneng to heel. Furthermore, in posters, Shen Xin just leaps off of all the soldiers, was overbearing.

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