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KUKA got to experience a little


Opening phase game nike free run nz  scene is relatively flat, deadlocked after 20 minutes the home team took the lead in breaking, Ren Hang left breakthrough crossing, Elias header, scoring Super goals. Since both sides greatly improved offensive and defensive rhythm, there have a number of opportunities, two-team goalkeeper Zong Lei and Guan Zhen have shown stability, ensure a goal yet. First half injury time, SAINTY fight back scoring again, Elias, and de young ball and lightly pull out open Windows, vigorous shoot far post his way, this is the Montenegro International's second goal of the season.

Obviously, the fans left KUKA got to experience a little bit of pressure, but he has always been a man unwilling to admit defeat, in order to convince the fans, to prove their own KUKA active history turned out: "do you know how many teams are Club I kicked out, terminate, please? No, never been driven. I've coached teams include Sao Paulo, fuluomineisai, Flamengo, Gremio, Atletico ... ... Everyone thanked me, respect me when I left, I don't need anyone to let me get out of here, I should be able to do it. Tomorrow, everything will be all right.

Jin Yingquan after joining evergrande's third  nike free 5.0 nzgoal to help the team tie Dong Xuesheng Savior again, make up the third ball shot to break into the team. But the real Guangzhou fans excited for aierkesen return, aishen counterattack broke twice in the second half on, people still feel him last season's power and status. Although aishen himself says the score two or three goals per game last season was not a normal phenomenon, but he still issued the declaration claimed the Golden boot again.

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