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Tibetan Turquoise rings

For Tibetans, jewelry is a part of everyday life as well as a reflection of their religious beliefs. Tibetan jewelry often represents deities or ritual items, such as dorjes or mantras.

Silver is one of a precious metal with relative low price and are used widely in Tibet jewelry, at the sametime Tibetan people also believe that the shines and colors emitted by silver possessed the capacity of avoiding disaters.

Tibet jewelry used 925 purity silver commonly, for the reason that the 925 silver has a more higher rigidity than 100% pure silver and difficult to deform, more importantly, it is showing a gloss more rich in quality, while the 100% purity silver is too soft to used in Tibet jewelry. And 925 silver are often called "pure silver" in business practices click here to see more.

Tibetan Turquoise ringsTibetan Turquoise rings
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