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Unique Tibetan Om Pendant

Even though jewelry pieces are worn as fashion accessories to complement the wearer’s clothing, some people prefer jewelry for an entirely different purpose. For instance, every religion has a symbol associated with it: Christians have the cross, Jewish people have the Star of David and so on. Each of these symbols is believed to have hidden powers that can protect the wearer.

There are many people around the world that are now wearing jewelry believed to have hidden powers even though the represented symbols are not associated with their religion. These symbols come from mystical cultures like Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan, Egyptian and others.

Let’s talk about the Tibetan om pendant. This comes from the Tibetan jewelry culture, obviously, and comprises two powerful symbols that are meant to make the wearer understand that every action undertaken has an impact on his or her life.

Unique Tibetan Om PendantUnique Tibetan Om PendantUnique Tibetan Om Pendant
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