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As the defending champion Miami Heat narrowly with a total score of 2:0 ahead of the start of the season to bite Bobcats, secure home clean sheets. Despite its limited strength, but tenacious cat or let the home team nearly ditch that turnover, critical time Bosh hit three consecutive minutes, Wade out of the tackle laid the balance 1400 uk Bobcats aier·jiefusen brought Plantar Fasciitis injury insists on playing, can't run of cases, he also cut 18 points and 13 rebounds, defending champion challenged weak source. Eastern topped the Pacers in the main case no injury, lost on the first day of the regular season winning percentage less than half Eagle. So the first fence, is seen by many people as worse situation of the past two months, people faint "eight black miracle" Association. Visiting team in cases where no Huo Fude, jiefu·dige and outside Millsap flowering, while the Pacers for the team on the offensive end flat, especially Center Hibbert behavior reflect standard role at defensive end has not lived up to expectations, losing opener is not surprising.


The nets can grab home field advantage on Dragon body, "experience says" became the mainstream interpretation. This only by Toronto media called "dinosaurs in Brooklyn" team in the final round of the regular season with Chelsea team lost the game,new balance 1500 sale "wanted" on the young raptors. Dinosaur stage veterans Kevin Garnett and Pierce in the opening match in the team's last minutes of play, allowing people to understand the "old ginger is hot" means. Veteran Qiao·yuehanxun cut off 23 points away from home, DeLong·weilianmusi seems to be found in jazz in the past, excellent texture; and deluozan of the playoffs for the first time in his own home, only 13-for-3 and 14 points. In addition, the young raptors team turnovers is almost twice times the other. Fourth and fifth-ranked bulls and wizards power closest, regardless of who wins is not an accident. Unexpected is that wizards of positional warfare capacity, facing the League's top defensive ability of the bulls won two. Offensively, aging players, face the wizards good defense, no knives rose ox, even ammunition to fight, also failed to defend at Anfield. Especially the series second game, last-minute in extra time, where Defender KEKE·xinliqi cast losing crucial free throws, missed opportunities evened the score. Iron bull would really do this series ended early?


Starting the first day of the playoffs, the Pacers on Friday to lose to the Eagles, led by series of wheels lay a complex atmosphere, only the Thunder face the Grizzlies hold the home and other home team is starting a negative. Twice after the battle that all teams in regular season home and away hard of accumulated disadvantages of Rotary reverse overnight. So it seems that team together to win the arena which is not an advantage? Arena if not bring victory, turning away from how can we talk about it?
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