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NBA contest ended the first round of the playoffs the first two games. Better team most of the regular season not passionate at home and help, but at a higher level. In addition to two wins out of the Miami Heat at home to Bobcats, 7 East support the home team, 5 teams have been visiting team steal a win, rockets and bulls or even at home to 0:2 respectively,  new balance womens lost a pioneer and prodigy, casually sends out a regular-season "bathed in fierce battle" earned home court advantage. Teams move to the next change, the first round of the playoffs seems even more puzzling and unpredictable. Rockets and blazers from the West is the most close to the two teams ranked. During the regular season, rockets and pioneer of 4 times the confrontation does not suffer, while in different rhythms play playoffs, have more complete players develop into Houston's victory in Portland "territory". In the first fight, pioneer with "cut PSV Eindhoven tactics" to drag the game to extra time, and eventually won.

In the second round, while Howard finished blasting Lopez, ravaged the trailblazer ext, but Aldridge and ultra stable Lillard play didn't let the rockets took advantage to any, but sluggish performance, was surprise by the home balance trainers cheap It is worth mentioning that, as a Union known as the "touch the porcelain masters" hardens in the playoffs by making free throws on the foul line to score significantly reduced, often "touch the porcelain" can't be successful fast break. There have also not been home referees take care of clippers Griffin. Kombat duigong been fans of the clippers and warriors pinned and defeated the home team not only did not enjoy the home sentry "unspoken rules", instead the player Griffin was in foul trouble early, leading clippers and Paul Reddick is the only supported attacks, culminating in first home defeat under fruit-eating. Grizzly bear ranks seventh among playoff teams, but no team dares underestimate the strength of this retro game teams. In the opener, Thunder in the case up to a 25 point lead, was attacked by a grizzly bear hard until the end, and narrowly escaped being reversed. In the second fight, Grizzlies toughness was even more pronounced. Durant against Heaven "4 balls" or succumbed to the Grizzly "zero error" that almost harsh basketball executive power. "Less genius II" didn't get everything grizzly bear "baizou echeng."

West first-ranked "cattle war", strength, and they ranked the last gap. As traditionally "Texas Bermuda", "death", one of the calf, although slightly declining during the regular season, playoffs 2011 to that heart of a champion. First, calf, climax of the distal segment is made 15:0 by Spurs, irreparable situation again, forced by spurs in Dallas, second most in team history occurred 24 turnovers. Calf ushered in a thoroughly deserved victory victory while, ending a 10-game losing streak to the Spurs.

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