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The double-edged sword of thorn is a team very often thorn in the side of his opponent, but could also be a teammate of flesh, such as that year's Wales, Rashid or player like Randolph, was the "toxic Star", is the presence of teammates and opponents headaches and even disgust. Now Walker has such a moron like performing and riot thorn head: Stephenson. Stephenson is the ultimate reason Walker escalation of infighting, who is also the civilian King of Walker's lame taste. Stephenson's lame things emerge on the track:womens new balance 996 first of all, he likes than George and West show, Walker was never a defender like performing, apart from when the regulation buzzer after Ting and Wang Milei after arrival of the crotch, Stephenson weird crotch shows and performances became Walker's landscape, the scenery, of course, is not good. And in game in the, he had staged had various exaggerated outrageous of things, like in game in the has ring whistle of when, to has a war axe split buckle referee of cattle people of lift; in and heat of game in the, because not necessary of once mood outbreak, thorn head directly was penalty appearances, then he brain residual of "fun" plus behind Wade of weird smile, composed has this season most "harmony" of a classic picture.


Stephenson's brain is different from Andrew Bynum's "casual" and JR's "nonsensical", his brain damaged due to his narcissistic and arrogant, and it is his team raised a number of root causes of infighting and balance 999 sale He Juniors team of performance will said Shang several sentence, and Hill of contradictions from Yu he on themselves "boss themselves" of psychological, and special is satisfied of comes is let Stephenson feels to has "not respecting", actually special is satisfied to completely is a good added, thorn head completely didn't necessary think is to threat themselves status of, this "was persecution paranoia syndrome" let Stephenson saw Turner on gas not hit a Department to, so only slowly has has behind of various contradictions and infighting. On the field playing Stephenson with all kinds of emotion and anger, he will also revel in the performances entertain themselves on the one hand, barbed head always with anger on the other hand wants to rival League, slightly uncomfortable always furious lame attack, spiky hair and walkers or rivals, are a not time bomb. May correct, it does not make sense to change, but narcissistic moron is difficult to be self-critical and encourage each other to correct. How to use Stephenson, became the Pacers must be considered the team's top priority.


3 minutes before the Blazers failed to score the fourth section, rocket to score as 81-83, Williams and Wright third succeeded one after another, leading the pioneers. When the game was still 2 minutes and 47 seconds, Lin's two free throws, the rockets still down 94-102. After consecutive failures in the rocket, and hardens a 24 second offence, and then dribbles when disposing of rockets against steals is successful, Parsons forced attack succeeding. When the game was still 1 min 07 sec, hardens breakthrough score, rockets would score to 98-102. Critical time Blazers shooting does not, but Lillard grabbed offensive rebounds, after two two, opening up a 6 point lead. Howard had two free throws in the two, but the rockets defensive gaps, Matthews, in the case of open beat 2 minutes. Hardens grabbed three successful rocket grab a lifeline. Lillard after two two, hardens without ball offensive fouls, rockets to utter despair.
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