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avoid the injuries extend the life of our movement

Confirm that the last SF 180 money back by 140 workers in trouble, shoe construction difficulty I think, I don't want to be a trifle more ink, just do it, and two pair of shoes costs 220 Yuan. Football boots football a top priority, of course, but other parts are equally important. Attention to detail makes the usual process of playing more enjoyable and good protective gear can effectively avoid the injuries extend the life of our cheap supra shoes   movement. World Cup headlines Trusox magic sock flowers through endorsements, but students with excellent performance and almost a reverse praise capture of many big names. No big Logo ankle to reveal a very symbolic block this sock is also fire on every level. The socks themselves long ago, but suffer from wear after the cleaning was too much trouble, and he is too lazy to wash, so usually players who wear adidas old socks

。 Today, take the time to talk about their views on the socks and other protective gear. On Saturday afternoon, because inactivity for a long time I am taking the time to participate in the war of revenge on the team--against a local foreign-funded enterprises, players are Chinese, but the players, skilled, last time was because the team does not and we lost the ball, this time I'm here to help avenge brothers. A fight down 8:4 victory (scoring and long relationship, because I have a friendly nature, so in order to enjoy, in the regular 5:4 the third section was added on the basis of race). Beginning in the first half and didn't play up to our Defender clears error, before the opponent in the penalty area without interfering and blocking of volley cross--0:1; not long after we equalised and will lead to a 2 near in midfield--our 28th one foot crane shot, slanting into the net, stunning the audience

; First half closeout stage, other frequently pressure Shang formed two times pole, once in goal positive, first feet was I seal out, ball and returned to other feet, but slumped in to of I tries to up second times seal blocking Shi feet a sliding failed to station up, fortunately Defender timely fill to behind block overhangs shot; second times pole directly was I buckle Xia, see Xia figure; second half State bad, errors repeatedly, first was opponents blasting crosses at the pulled one back a ball, then was a remember does supra vaider shoes canada   not tricky of free kick posted beam network--this ball exposed out height disadvantage, Certainly noon eat have too more didn't can jumped up is main causes; other playing into of fourth ball extremely wonderful, is distal leaned over hoisting play Earth--other cross extremely precision, but if I of State as first half actually also has larger of bashing out probability; once thought again lost ball, fortunately teammate two times counterattack success, 5:4 entered third section; third section other most has threat of once shot

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