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e concentrate on, suddenly I feels some n

Next to the River, okay this afternoon, my colleagues and my mom's daughter Xiao yun (destiny in front of Liu San-speaking daughter.) Children playing in the river. Then of river side, also no repair into now so beautiful, also is natural of beach, I both also can't away from water too near, fear was parents scolded, on sat in Beach Shang picked up stone play. I both bow picked up stone, are concentrate on, suddenly I feels some not supra skytop 1 review   comfortable, a looked up, scare I a jumped, a small boy on squat in I and small Yun of before. I a see this smallDespite the ailment continued, but never had any serious illness, after returning from Beijing last year, one of my younger brother, in a car accident, became a vegetable ... brother that life is very poor, my father died early, and mother and whether he, 20 year old guy, because accidents may have to stay in bed forever, I felt very sad. So, come back the next day, MOM and I went to the hospital to see him. in recent years, hospital

Really nice, high in the hospital building, bright clean Windows, than just a few years ago to see the hospital, feeling a lot better. However, walked into the hospital, I immediately feel uncomfortable, can feel a chill from the arch by storm. does not like a kid now, much more sensitive now, that's really cool air. Brother live in hospital of XV floor. Hospital of elevator is big, because to put beds, because is noon, hospital of people many, I and mother, has three trip, only squeeze Shang elevator. just into elevator, I on see has that small girl, about two or three age of looks, long of very cute. eyes greatly of, she of small hand pulled with a young woman of clothes, I see she cute, will towards she laugh has laugh, do has a faces, who knows small girl see also not see I, focused of see with she of mother. (My guess is her mother.) to the 15 floor, we went to my brother's room. Brother lay on the bed, still dazed

Fan does not wake up, but I have a feeling, my brother will be fine. My mother and I just went in, only to see the woman came. it turns out that she is also the younger brother of, I looked at her strangely, just the little girl didn't follow in ... was just going to ask her, and saw that the girl was standing behind her, still holding her clothes by hand. I see small girl also not talk, will wants to tease tease she, will and rushed she winking, who knows small girl completely not see I, just concentrate on of see with she of mother, I some boring, will didn't again tease she has. but, I suddenly on found has small girl has acheap supra s1w   wrong of place, that is, she didn't shoes child! light with feet, stepped on in ground. I suddenly somewhat reaction came has, this small girl, certainly has problem. I quietly observed my mother and the woman he saw they were all natural, in chat, nobody paid attention to the little girl, I looked back at the girl again, and my heart began to panic.

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