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has not been resolved. From the end of 2012


Wages, the record is way down, the football newspaper journalists and Zhao Zhen with respect "do not send money, it is a good squad that couldn't get out." During the second move, Yu Hanchao 48 million Yuan and Li Xuepeng fee package joined evergrande, but Li Xuepeng refused to sign it because Albin where Li Xuepeng 8 million or 9 million dollars were owed salaries and bonuses. The two left the team the players did not resolve the issue of wages, let alone at the team's players. Until now,supra skytop 2 for sale    the team's arrears problem has not been resolved. From the end of 2012, on the issue of the acquisition of Dalian shide Club, aerbin boss Zhao Mingyang look for a long time, he has been tempted, he had hesitated, he had doubts, but eventually "win success". Its investment in football as much as 1.5 billion. Dalian aerbin but he was in charge of the Group's total assets is more than 2 billion yuan, the registered capital of 300 million

Yuan, he already owns aerbin Club, had acquired debt-ridden shide, which is obviously unsustainable. Only 2 billion off assets 1.5 billion investment in football, this glut of real estate a few years ago, Albin where the turnover of the Group may not be problem-free. But now the real estate downturn, Al bin sales and a sharp drop in turnover of the group, and they are owed 2 billion engineering, upfront payments are paid, the Group's financial pressure. In such a case, group of professional football clubs, wages are clearly bear the brunt. Winter real estate football clubs live Shenzhen and Dalian aerbin hard to defuse the crisis, and adequate capital is strong, such as the Liao, Greentown, APB, Asia and Thailand, as well as Guizhou, now is also struggling. Struggling means reduced inputs, and base

And performance is directly proportional to the Liao feet, APB Yatai are fighting against relegation and the best grades of Guizhou currently only ranked eight in the standings. A case study of Hangzhou Greentown, as early as the end of 2011, the green city boss song Weiping had to the outside world for the first time expressed a willingness to transfer Greentown football, Greentown China was facing enormous financial pressures created by market regulation. After market picks up, Greentown efficiency improving buy supra skytop 2 gold step by step, the sound fades out the ears. This year, in collapse due to market pressures to Greentown 24% shares following the sale, Greentown football became a part of it next wants to sell Ma and Greentown Football Club rumored to. In the heyday of the real estate sector, investment in football is a publicity stunt, but the context of the downturn in the real estate, football will become a hot potato for many property developers.

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