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omb was robbed in front of too troublesome

These tombs, were all stolen. Town has two boys, a man named Chen Wu, a man named Wang Bo, Chen Wu was built in the Town Watch, Bo unemployed, two people usually love to play cards, recently dug graves of people who made a fortune, two people are jealous and thought to try our luck. However, Hill has several tombs that were stolen, two people looking for a long time, but didn't find anything. One day at noon, Chen Wu was having dinner at home, and Bo rush came in, he said, found a hasn't been digging tombs.   supra tk society white  because the tomb was robbed in front of too troublesome, the Government has introduced a number of measures, two people dared not blatant during the day, about good night to the Bo found the Tomb. After dinner, it was getting dark, and two ready tools such as hoes, they set off. Chen Wu followed five-wave two hills, we saw a bizarre scene.

A article River from Valley in through, months light in river Shang, reflection out some weak of light, shore, has nine tree Indus tree, posted with mountain and long, tree tree looks, unexpectedly like is as high of looks. Bo said, Tomb Raider on in this nine tree tree of behind, because has tree block with, so years, actually no people found. two people drill to tree behind, was on see a stone. It was too dark, engraved characters and are not clear, but did not see a tomb. Bo said, estimated that the graves should be posted, go, dig dug, dug up. Two men said hand hands along the stone behind, they began to dig up. both dig, it felt a little strange, logically speaking, this should be a very strong feeling, but hoes, but we dug in cotton, and don't have any place. Two very rich, have on hand that much, bulkhead, dig, dig about three meters deep, Hoe down, he met stone

Head. two-man saw, there are at least three meters long, three meters wide large square stone in there. Two people very happy, this stone is clearly not natural, here there must be grave, but the stone is large, two people can't get, so they decided to go back and come back the next day take some tools. At night, Chen Wu was excited, thinking who knows what is in the tomb of good things, exciting awake. at dawn, before drifting off to sleep ... but had a strange dream ... dream, Chen Wu heard someone speak to him repeatedly, and tone is very short, but that's what, didn't hear Chen Wu. Get up in the morning, supra skytop 3 for sale   the two men began preparing tools. the great blocks of stone, still really tricky. Finally, Bo said that now that the stones are not natural, let us from stones dug on the side, and can dig in. two men for a long time, there is no other way, then decided to dig from rocks on both sides.

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