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What are the world's top ten brands of shoes? First name: 1 (Nike Nike)--United States 1972 NIKE company was formally established. Its predecessor is the incumbent President of NIKE Phil. Knight and Bill. Bowerman   nike tiempo legend v cheap   coaching investment company Blue Ribbon sports. The company product is all-inclusive: sports apparel, shoes, sports equipment, etc. With its impressive performance confirm founder Bill., Ballmer said: "as long as you have a body, you are an athlete. And as long as there are players in the world, Nike will continue to grow. "Nike's language is the language of movement.

2, second (Reebok Reebok)--United States in 1895, Reebok's founder Joseph Frost, is a United Kingdom race fans, he hopes to have a pair of studded shoes, but because of his financial resources and lack of resources, created a pair of his own to his name, "foster's shoes." In 1900, foster further improvement of his technology to set up your own business, providing hand-made running shoes for local sports fans, the message is spread, this running shoe was generally accepted, and market leadership position, this kind of "Faust" spikes since then has brought historic   cheap adidas 11pro trx fg   changes to and Sprint, which continued for 50 years. In 1958, with the passage of time, foster's company continues to expand, and towards other areas of sports development, who starting from their own established a comprehensive company, originally called maikerui soccer shoe company, later called Reebok (African antelope). The Reebok today has become a global sports shoe brand first.

Third place (adidas Adidas)--Germany was founded in 1920 by adidas ("ADIDAS" brand was registered in 1948). Adidas when, although it was only a small and cottage enterprises, whose vision has been aimed at the large market in the world. So, in the company's early stages of development,  cheap nike magista opus fg   adidas will be technical innovation as the power to develop new markets, increase brand awareness. "Features the first", "best to the athletes" is the company's brand development principles. ADI·dasile is not only the founder of adidas track and field athletes and sports enthusiasts, is also a respected entrepreneur and inventor of the process, quality and enthusiasm for innovation, adidas sneakers in the manufacturing process of many technological breakthroughs were achieved by him, he has won 700 patents.

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