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womens new balance 993 running shoes this is the shoe

The world's most expensive men's shoes Berluti, count by Forbes: the world's top luxury brand of shoes. India philosopher Osho's book when shoes writes in: "when the shoe fits, when foot was forgotten. "This sentence while simple words out of the" philosophy of shoes "--are the essence of comfortable shoes and feet reached clicks, feet will get real freedom,   womens new balance 993 running shoes   this is the shoe of the gold value and aesthetic culmination of the shoes. Comfort is the soul of shoes, some attention to your feet, just like nursing homes focus on rich people suffering from depression, try in every possible way, and then tailor make for you a pair of beautiful shoes, that you identity labels, and for those with special shoes to your comfort and pleasure. << HUANOBLE new >> from Forbes Global in many Luxury flagship stores or small gourmet, help you selected worthy collection of the world's top luxury brands of shoes, let you find your own paradise Cinderella.

One, Silvano Lattanz (Lang Danze)----footwear leader. As an international shoe-making capital of Italy famous brand, Silvano Lattanzi born nothing but events of the last 30 years, lineup are not enough well-known international luxury brands, but due to the high quality, expensive and sought after celebrity, is known as the "minority" of luxury goods. Only 6000 pairs of shoes produced throughout the year. Its supporters include a passion for golf and Yachting events, politicians and royalty, such as the super rich, Bush and current   new balance 574 women trainers   United States President Barack Obama, Italy President Francesco Cossiga is its loyal customers, tens of thousands of dollars of custom shoes Regal loss price is doing non-trivial category. Each pair has many years of experience of Italy hand-crafted old Shoemaker, processes and technology to follow Italy traditional custom programs, elegant stitches are quite harsh. Silvano Lattanzi shoes in stock and custom made two 80% for custom shoes, 20% spot, leather cowhide, another horse skin, ostrich skin, crocodile, lizard skins and so on.

Two Berluti (Bai Olga berluti)---the most expensive shoes in the world. Berluti's slogan is: "When shoes have a soul" (when shoes have a soul). Born in 1895 in France,  new balance 990 womens running shoes   since the beginning of this long line of men's footwear world tour of this legend. As a centuries-old family-owned brands, only one designer, handmade shoes not more than 20 technicians, each customized a pair of shoes you want to spend 250 hours to complete by hand – yields very little, so expensive, it also ensures that each pair were art. Even if you are not sensitive to art was born, also surprised with every pair of Berluti shop precision crafted, magnificent men's shoes.

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