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DEVIL NUT blend of designer and 30% market demand 70% hobby,  men's mizuno wave prophecy 2 running shoes    would imply political violence mainly military themes and cartoon line, focused on Visual impact. DEVIL NUT is not HIP HOP clothing as the main product lines, but the principle in a wide range of clothing, tried to brand products are maturing and mature. DEVIL design never out of the NUT "violent" Word from military violence fall/winter 07 Spring/Summer 08 collection color cute violence violence again this season, DEVIL NUT is trying to apply the element of violence to his house Dan Pinli. Hoody series mainly pretty violent, canine image is of course DEVIL NUT key elements of each season will be magnified, and concentrated on every color.

ZARA is Spain Inditex Group (stock code: ITX) that one of its subsidiaries, it is a clothing brand and franchise ZARA clothing chain retail brand. Established in 1975 Spain's ZARA is part of Inditex   cheap nike air force 1 low   Group is ranked third in the world, Spain's number one clothing manufacturers, in 56 countries around the world, setting up more than more than more than 2000 of the clothing chain. ZARA by the global youth fashion's favorite Designer design prices are cheaper, simply let civilians hold High Fashion.

Inditex is Spain ranked first, beyond the United States GAP, and Sweden's H&M as the world's number one apparel retailing group. As of October 31, 2013 in 86 countries and regions opened 6,249 stores, there are 8 apparel retail brands, ZARA is one of the most famous brands. In 86 countries around the world have 1808 stores (self-store 90%, the other is a joint venture and franchise stores). While ZARA brand of Inditex stores only companies of all branches of one-third, but its sales accounted for total sales of around 66%.

ZARA its has more than 400 over of professional designer, a years launched of merchandise over 120,000 paragraph, can said is peer of 5 times times of more, and designer its average age only 25 age, they at any time shuttle Yu Milan, and Tokyo, and New York, and Paris,   nike lunarelite sky hi discount   fashion powerhouse watch clothing show, to retrieves design concept and latest of trend trend, then simulation follow launched high fashionable sense of fashion single products, and speed of fast is was shocked, weekly two times of fill goods last, each across three week will comprehensive of tide old for new, All shops in the world to update synchronization is completed within two weeks, high rate of replacement of goods, also accelerated the rate of customers back to stores because consumers had to virtually establish ZARA always has something new and important images.

Besides, ZARA design group also real-time and global around of ZARA shop long for teleconference, through understanding around of sales status and customer reaction, to flexible modifications adjustment merchandise of design direction, due to should guest of hundred variable taste, and in customer purchased of while, clerk has will merchandise features and customer information entered computer, through network inter transmission will data sent back ZARA headquarters, design group is can master various precise of sales analysis and customer preferences, again plus itself professional of fashion keen degrees, Number to determine the design of the next batch of goods and, as a result, commodity rate to maximize sales, also means that can effectively drive down incidence of stock.

See Zara fall/winter 09 brochure you will become self-evident. From soft woolen cloth coat, to the exaggerated dramatic knit sweater from pale purple, earth tones, blue and even green pants, it seems that this fall, dressed in black outfits, is becoming obsolete. Whether it's Green pants and red lining, texture of the Blazer is still flashing, everything in the subversion of a "low profile" concept of menswear. This fall, if you do not "Flash", then at least give me some "color" look at me!

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