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Under normal circumstances, shoes and clothing collocation methods, are the following: (a) the elegant, reserved, and dignified attire, make sure black, white grey, dark brown, neutral color for this  jordan 13 retro uk   category of shoes as well. II) series of red shoes, suits and clothing from its warm colors such as Brown, Orange, yellow lines to match. (C) dark blue shoes, and cool colors such as blue, green and purple outfit.

(D) when placing their costume color contrast and color of shoes should not have the sense of disconnect with the sword and cut, at this time, the color should be loaded as close as possible to the color of the shoe to keep the tone echoed, and achieve the goal of harmonization. (E) if the garment when lighter in tone, shoe color may be darker, when darker clothing, shoes should choose light as well.   jordan 11 retro uk    Clothing colors when radiant, you should choose a pair of shoes with soft neutral colors. (F) the color contrast socks and shoes should be a little better, or using excessive color socks between shoes and bottoms, so that the shoe colored clothing tends to be coordinated.

Prada (Prada) Made To Order series shoes shoe launched set uniforms services parts accounts, each ' shoes paragraph are can provides 32 kind of different pigments color select liquid, including cobalt blue color, and planet red color, and mango green color, and daylight yellow color, and white in inside of veneered color Zambia, or tri-color Zambia team collection, as planet red color + black, and water silver color + white, and black + white, five kind of different pigments color of Micro soles shoes paragraph makes this series of color Pegasus in full. Material quality, in addition to polished calf leather exterior, still a luxury South croconaw-crocodile and Python skins and other exquisite leather, fully furnished apartments person likes to promote and build a stadium and  belong  Jie footwear works, once you select the color and material, still advises its name Abbreviation  Golden Boot. Custom shoe after shoe under the planned units, making approximately 60 days to complete. What are still waiting, like Prada (Prada) Made To Order shoes series furnished accommodation  fast begins.

On September 17, Belle international fashion e-commerce shopping network, recently announced its own-brand INNET CLOUD series Palm cushioned sneakers prices and on sale. It is understood that the shopping mall flagship INNET CLOUD series cushion 299 Yuan from the sale of the shoe, this product has officially pre-sale on September 15, September 23 reservations user sales, 24th overall sales.

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