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Ways You Can Reshape Your Ears

If you think that your ear is shaped in an odd manner, there is nothing to worry about. The medical science has improved quite a bit just to help you get ear reshaped treatments under multiple heads. There is no need to live with unwanted ear shapes as you can change it for the betterment for sure. There are multiple ways to reshape protruding ears. Among the lot, two major ones are ear splinting and Pinnaplasty. The methods are different but the results are towards the positive side. 

Reshaping of protruding ears:

If You have ear splinting as one way to reshape your protruding ears. Here, the soft cartilage of the ear gets reset and splint is used for keeping the new ear in is original space. This process is determined for infants and mainly those younger than six months. So, this procedure takes place at quite a younger age for sure. Then you have Pinnaplasty as another procedure, where the cartilage gets remodeled and then missing folds are created. Along with that, ear is positioned closer to head and offering little bit of extra proportion. This process will only take place after certain time, when the cartilage is matured enough and aged. This procedure is for the adults normally or for children of 5 years of age or above.

Incision less otoplasty as one of the new procedures:

If This is one new procedure and will not involve any form of incisions or cuts. For this kind of procedure, the use of local anesthesia is a must. A needle will be used first for marking surface of cartilage. It is mostly done for making the cartilage more flexible than usual. Then permanent stitches will be used for helping the ear holds its new shape, which is way more proportionate to your entire face. The stitches are made in a way so that those marks remain hidden within natural ear folds.

Results revolving around ear reshaping:

If Among the procedures mentioned already, the primary two options, Pinnaplasty and splinting are safest ones. If presented by experienced surgeon, you have little chances of getting anything wrong. If you can carry out this procedure of ear splinting during neonatal phase, there are mainly little needs for any of the revision surgeries in near future. Sometimes, infants might show some possible casesof ear rashes, which will eventually disappear after removing the tapes. With Pinnaplasty, people are quite happy with the response, especially if presented by experienced surgeon.

Some complications might take place:


If Just like with any other surgical procedures, there are some complications that might take place with ear reshaping too. However, there are needful solutions available for the same as well. Sometimes, blood might clot within skin, but that won’t cause much issue if treated at its usual stage. Scarring is also quite normal. However, if the surgeries are done properly, then you can hide the marks as well. No matter how difficult the issue might be, you can get quality results from experienced surgeons with ear reshaping practices now.

Ways You Can Reshape Your Ears
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