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Armani, brand respectively in Australia Gold Coast, and Bali and Dubai

Korea Seoul opened has a from building style to products details are full brand branded of coffee shop; Gu Chi in Italy Florence, and Japan Tokyo, and China Shanghai also opened has with brand coffee shop; Chanel in Japan Tokyo has a name for Beige of restaurant; also, Versace, and Bulgari, and Armani, brand respectively in Australia Gold Coast, and Bali and Dubai, visibility fake San Diego opened hotels.No  nike air max direct running shoes    matter how the future direction, major luxury brands, one thing is clear--easily won a day of consumers ' pocket money is goneIn 1994 to regulate the industry, promoting the implementation of the brand strategy of China leather industry, China leather Association, State administration for industry and Commerce registered a certification trademark "leather logo". 20, the rapid development of leather industry, has made remarkable achievements. Leather logo as a guide mark (signpost stores) witnessed the leather industry for 20 years in the Sun and rain. 2014 annual Conference and of the leather logo fashion Summit opened a

leather sign 20-year anniversary of a series of activities, and on this occasion, we review leather logo 20 development and change.And manage to win the trustIn implementing the leather logo at the beginning, focusing on Standardization Management of China leather Association, highlighting its advanced nature. To this end, the Constitution of China leather Association, developed a leather logo, up leather logo product specifications, nike air max classic bw white   systems such as the leather logo management practices and norms, and hanging product laid down strict rules of production enterprises, strengthen requirements, and surveillance on the wall label business every year, every three years the wall label business to reconfirm the qualifications, as well as periodic sampling of the hanging products. Throughout the course of management, leather flag always adhere to strict quality standards, product specifications, the implementation of a full range of dynamic assessment, not to engage in life, out unqualified businesses, according to the market requirements

 and constantly improve the leather symbol products required, so as to keep the leather logo enterprise's leading position in the industry, but also further enhance the leather symbol products competitiveness in the market.Beginning in 2000, to enhance consumer awareness of the leather logo, as well as leather logo, shopping centres and markets of China leather Association, an on-site consultation. Leather logo every year thereafter to carry out related activities to enhance the butt leather logo and the market.2005, according to new situation of needs, leather logo will "environmental, and integrity (integrity stores), and quality, and fashion", fresh elements into its connotation, in more high requirements and deeper level Shang interpretation has "leather logo": (1) the products not only is with natural leather making of, also requirements the leather is environmental of, and no pollution of; (2) the products is quality boutique, also requirements its production process in the seriously perform social responsibility,

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