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combined by a series development, the bumble bee brand extends to area

 package" products, through "early taught package" products of released, Bubba bean brand of positioning also from "child shoes, and kids" towards "children supplies manufacturer" towards has a step.Bobdog    nike air max 87 black and white   dabbled on the early childhood market anchored by brand diversifications, Quanzhou, and this is where many of the direction of children's shoes, children's clothing brand is trying to. In addition to the educational market, children's stationery, children's accessories have appeared in more and more children's wear shop in.In 2012, the Hornet (Hornet stores) children's shoes by "Hornet flight family sing jump" effect, vigorously implement the diversified development strategy of the brand, combined by a series development, the bumble bee brand extends to areas such as children's clothing, children's stationery, build a diversified brand of children's market.

 Children's clothing brand quarter product line had stretched from children's clothing to bags and other stationery Jazz rabbit product lines include children's clothing, children's shoes and children's toys, stationery, and so on.From the "children's shoes, children's clothing manufacturer" to "apparel" integration, nike air max 2015 womens   extends to product areas such as stationery, accessories, toys, and upgraded to "children's products manufacturers", the city's children's shoe wear brand universal trajectory of development.Cross-border development along with the corresponding risk"Enterprise product line extension, is to a certain extent in order to further explore the original consumers Association of consumer demand, to achieve maximum benefit, because so far, getting an increasingly high cost of new users and old customers of the brand after years of accumulation is the brand's greatest wealth. "Industry sources said.In fact, this celebration of old customers "secondary marketing" increasingly evident across many industries have been

. An Xiqi Tong Su Qingyang, General Manager of the tea industry has been expanding its line of ceramic products this year, "I'm in tea field through several years of sales, has amassed 2 million older customers. Tea and tea are relevant, consumer groups are also consistent, increased tea products, by strengthening marketing customers, inherent in sales is considerable. ”Similarly, the shoe industry has some accumulation, located in the retro art Tsing Wan Tian shoes Zhang Qiang, head of the effort this year to start developing literary ladies, "in fact, is to meet the customers demand for literary ladies. Judging from the testing situation, customers a reflection of women's clothing is generally favorable. ”The industry view, which extends to the enterprises will bring about greater market space, but is also accompanied by the corresponding risk. "Across multiple segments for matching capacity and operational capability of enterprise resources posed a huge challenge. "Shoes of footwear industry Association Secretary General, Fujian province,

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