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lacking core helm.Rolex sales ranked third in the industry

of watch brands, in particular, the performance in high-end watch nearly two years under a miserable situation. Switzerland's Watch Industry Federation shortly before the release, due to the sharp decline in sales of high-end watches, Switzerland's watch industry exports were seriously affected. LVMH's time for a    nike air max 95 360 cheap    major adjustment in the watch and jewellery sector, Switzerland Rolex watch group leader Group also conducted a coaching change. Rolex from LVMH hired the CEO responsible for the zenith brand fulaidelike•dufuer (Jean-Frdric Dufour) took over 64 years old Marini (Gian Riccardo Marini). Dufour in LVMH's 5-year, in the revival of zenith of high-end mechanical watches Swiss table image, and achieved good results. 2013 Zenith's sales of 1 billion RMB, 5 years of sales have increased by almost 10 times.Since 2008, the replacement CEO is Rolex's third coaching change in 5 years. Du Foer was the 6th Rolex was founded 110 years in charge. Frequent replacement of CEO shows a Rolex on the top management ran into intractable problems:

 lacking core helm.Rolex sales ranked third in the industry, but branding only Rolex (Rolex) and Tudor (Tudor) two, and group sales came mainly from high-end brand of Rolex. 2013 Rolex sales of about 22 billion yuan, nike air max 95 360 for sale   compared with 1 billion yuan of sales of mid-Tudor. Although Rolex value high ranks first in the Swiss watch brand, but in terms of brands and sales across the group, with industry leader swatch (Swatch) group or a gap. In competition in the mid-tier brands, Swatch Group win the Rolex group. In today's high-end watch increases the further narrowing of the case, Rolex in size to catch up on the Swatch Group will vigorously develop the midrange brands Tudor. Rolex wanted Dufour by virtue of his experience in brand management, can help the Rolex group gained better development.In addition, in the consolidation of existing brands at the same time, luxury brands are trying to costume jewelry brand extends to a service brand by selling lifestyle further locking consumers, luxury extends to every aspect of life.In mid-March,

 Prada announced the successful acquisition of anjieluomaikai limited (Angelo Marchesi Srl) 80% per cent. The company owns Milan's old name – McKay pastry dessert (Pasticceria Marchesi). It is understood that the dessert shop, founded in 1824, is a veteran cake family. Its production of high-quality foods such as pastries, chocolate, bread is famous over the years has been a favorite of Milan's residents and visitors. This dessert is the Prada brand as part of a strategy designed to broaden the areas of development, further consolidating the brand image.Buy dessert and not Prada's strategies, early last year, another luxury brand giant Louis Vuitton and Prada in Milan to a dessert shop grab. Prada eventually lost to LVMH, failed to achieve the acquisition of Milan's famous dessert shop Cova, the shop also has a nearly 200-year history. It is reported that Louis Vuitton acquired Cova80% shares, the transaction amount to 33 million euros.In fact, the luxury brand extends to all spheres of life is not the case. Hermes official in

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