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oriented, active in building a stable, diverse supply chain management

 circulating. Today, the fierce market competition is not just competition between enterprises and between enterprises, but competition between supply chain, business competition, competition between fusion between the CCP, an enterprise baodatianxia time has passed. Retail enterprises to strengthen the integration concept, broken links, regional, business restrictions to market demand-oriented, nike air max 2014 junior trainers   active in building a stable, diverse supply chain management system, which has evolved into the coordinated development of services value chain, chain, chain. In the construction of supply chain, to be committed to constructing harmonious relationship between retailer and supplier."There is competition between retailer and supplier, but more cooperation, is a community of interests, through strengthening cooperation to enhance supply chain management and enhance their ability to jointly exploring the new world of harmonious development. "Wang Desheng saidAreas of implementation of the single-child policy children's shoes and children's

 clothes into new business opportunities. At a shoe Bo soon after, Quanzhou, a children's shoe business in addition to the display of children's clothing, children's shoes, as well as cartoon characters and dolls of the same name, but also showed a few diaper packaging.Children's shoe business to do diapers, nike air max 2014 womens   seemingly completely different categories, but behind it is a deep development to user groups.Child Enterprise launchedPaper diaperFirst such exhibition shoe Expo children's shoes stupid stupid rat (stupid stupid rat stores) show diaper products is their new project to be launched in May."Our original child-oriented products, consumer groups there is a certain overlap with the diapers, and coupled with the release of the single-child policy, category growth associated with children, infants and young children will also increase. "Stupid stupid rat Huang Deyu, Marketing Director, told reporters that after several years of development of the brand, has accumulated a large number of customer resources, horse diapers production lines,

 mainly in order to explore further the original consumer groups, through the brand stickiness, and associated drives sales.Children's shoes and diapers fall far short in terms of category, product extension across the category, whether it could bring new risks, which became stupid stupid rat need to face new challenges. In response, Huang Deyu said that taking into account the different enterprise is used and the original diaper factory mode of co-operation, not involving himself in production, just the brand. In terms of marketing channels, also stores of the original children's shoe business models differ, diapers and more are entering the trade, Department stores, baby products stores.Companies attempt to brand a wide rangeIn fact, like stupid stupid rat extends product line of children's shoes enterprise number. Last year, borrowed with namesake cartoons in CCTV of hit, Ba Budou (Bubba bean stores) child shoes and Jinjiang Pucci, special child shoes cooperation Hou, official towards early taught market, launched has "early taught

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