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Telus D-Link Highspeed ADSL Modem

Telus Highspeed  D-LINK DSL-300G Generation II ADSL Modem.

Complete with Power Supply
in original box with manual and accesories, used, good working condition.


Modem is designed to provide a simple, cost-effective and secure ADSL Internet connection for your small to medium-sized private network. The ADSL connection technology enables many interactive multi-media applications such as video conferencing and collaborative computing.


# Simple plug-and-play installation
# Supports up to eight simultaneous virtual connections for a single ADAL account
# Up to 8 Mbps downloads for ADSL and up to 864 Kbps downloads for SDSL high-speed Internet access
# Supports T1.413 issue 2, G.dmt and G.lite standards
# Auto-handshake and rate adaption for different ADSL flavors
# Widest range of DSLAM interoperability
# Web-based management and diagnostics
# Supports bridgest Ethernet over ATM (RFC 2684)
# Works with any operating system
# Assured interoperability with DSL networks
# TFTP Firmware Upgrade Support
# PPPoE, PPPoA, IP over ATM Support
# Effortless installation

Supported OS:

# Windows 98
# Windows 2000
# Windows Me
# Windows NT 4/SP6
# Windows XP /Vista
# Mac OS 8.6 to 9.0 and 10.1 (Excluding 10.0) or newer

Telus D-Link Highspeed ADSL ModemTelus D-Link Highspeed ADSL Modem
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