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But in the eyes of the daily mail, Steven Gerrard could beat these great names, standing on the shoulders of Giants became legend in the legend. Under Rogers, playing attacking midfielder Steven Gerrard for many years a successful transition, 33 years old, he became one of the few across the center line, the lower back, new balance 574 women and is doing very well. While Suarez and situliqi in the wonderful performance this season, but don't forget Liverpool Scudetto real drive the core was their captain. Gerrard in Istanbul, just like in the night, just like in a Wembley FA Cup final against West Ham United did the same, both teams mired in doldrums, he will not hesitate to stand up and led the team to the front shock! Look at him in the match against Manchester City do so! He completed 3 qiangjie, 6 times out and 5 ball, victory over rivals in the competition in midfield. After the game, he summoned all the reds together on the field, Wai Lo became a powerful motivator for the team: "look, guys, this game is over, and now, let us go to Norwich (Liverpool Norwich the next war), stand beside us, come on! "See this, you'll know why Liverpool this year Championship, so close and so important to Liverpool if Gerard!


Last week in a League game against West Ham United, Steven Gerrard scored two goals, which makes him the clubs first team goal total to 173,new balance 580 uk tied "King" Kenny Dalglish March 6th history of striker. Under such State, joined Liverpool youth since 9 years old, 18 years old, entered the Liverpool playmaker Steven Gerrard, are expected to pick up in person first Premiership trophy in the Club's history! Of course, instead of calling the Premier League owes Gerrard a trophy than Gerrard Liverpool owed a League title. But this time, fate firmly in their own hands. As long as the presentation was followed by 4 games in the Premier League (away from home, trip to Crystal Palace and Norwich, and at home to Chelsea at home to Newcastle-upon-Tyne) can get all 12 minutes, Hao take the tournament 14 straight victories, then the Championship will certainly belonged to Anfield.


Take Manchester City after the game, Gerrard said: "each subsequent match is more important, and the man city game is very important, because they are our Scudetto rivals. But now we look into Norwich on me again. Norwich to us, like Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United as worthy of attention. We want to go in the Istanbul final spell with Norwich match, we're like a kick the last fight of his career, go to war with Norwich. "Now we've won the League 10 consecutive victories, but this does not give you anything of real things. Point is hard to win the players, now we sound. We could get 13 in a row, but as long as the last game of the season to lose a game then we are nothing. No one will remember 13 in a row, people will only remember us trying to win the Championship. However, Gerrard is no longer the great champions to prove, but a Premier League trophy will be doomed to add more to his great glorious footnotes. 4 games remaining, the remaining 360 minutes, Liverpool are looking forward to the team's performance will make their 24-year wait for the end of the world. May 11 final rounds of the Premiership last season, Liverpool beat Manchester City Captain feeling tears and effectiveness for many years after the Red Army's hard sweat watering a beautiful fruit, let us wait and see!
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