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Real Madrid head coach Carlo Ancelotti told Le Monde in an interview, did not rule out Ronaldo in the King's Cup final appearances,new balance 670 sale Ancelotti said: "his progress on a daily basis, I do not have to exclude him, but we can't take any chances with him. If he can't play, I won't change the team's style of play. Players understand our style and feel comfortable, they are confident, they are good. "Ancelotti added:" Ronaldo will be were we thinking, but the players don't have to say, ' Gosh, we what to do without Cristiano Ronaldo! ' They are full of confidence, has proved there is no Cristiano Ronaldo to win. This is a good opportunity to be in the final. "Real Madrid are the most impressive? Ancelotti said: "Real Madrid create passion in every corner of the globe. It's a unique, unlike another world Club AC Milan.


Barca coach Martino has said that no one talk about most pure soccer now. Carlo Ancelotti replied: "he is right. As far as football tactics, (simply football) very small. Debate more interesting, there are referees make mistakes. The worst thing is to put too much pressure on referees, make their situation more difficult. Best referee in England, because enforcement there is no pressure on them. They don't worry about mistakes he had made. "Ancelotti added:" Yes, I know that the Chair umpire in the final on Wednesday, and his name is Matt-Lahoz. I told him don't worry, I haven't talked to players about him. I wouldn't worry about it. When I left Italy Hou,new balance 990v3 sale I worried that referees got used to it. "Carlo Ancelotti said:" for me, in the Real Madrid dressing room, referring to Mourinho only once, in August when we meet with them to warm up. From now on, no more. Look at Barcelona, where I think training is better than other team training even more difficult, because a long time ago, they formed a precise philosophy of football, you can't change it. Martino seems like a very serious coach, he is having a hard time lately, but before he was being cheered.


"How to treat the King's Cup final? "Ancelotti took up the narrative," I think this is a balance of power, tense games. I wish I could see Real Madrid become leads, but it was the game against Barcelona, so it's not easy, because of Barca's style is to control the ball. It's going to be critical. "When the game against Dortmund, half made of nothing? Ancelotti said: "first of all I tried to inspire them, because they have a negative attitude in the first half, after which I was personnel changes. "Zidane was talking to players more? Carlo Ancelotti replied: "Yes, because he knows the players. I told the players don't talk much. An analogy I think I say to those people who don't have much playing time too much, it doesn't work. I've known coach always told me: ' Carlo (Ancelotti), you are very important. ' But he never let me on interlude. If you tell the players too much, they could lose respect for you. Zidane's doing great, and when he speaks, players listen. They respect him. He had an extraordinary charm. He's going to be an incredible coach.
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