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First of all, CESC Fabregas was a player with great character. Secondly, he is an extremely intelligent player. Underneath the stadium, he was a "sweetheart", but he, more than anyone on the pitch are forward-looking. CESC Fabregas is the most powerful force is his vision, his ability to have that goes far beyond people's vision,new balance trainers cheap this ability allowed him to lead the team continues to win. To say, he is the watchtower of the team on the pitch. If compiled Fabregas on the field lens would have been very interesting, he always looked to looking, looking around what happened, and once he gets the ball, he knows everything about the situation around. His mind is set on the field map, from the start to the end of the game is the first minute of a match. He is also a killer, will send out deadly passes. One day you ask Lionel Messi, who will give him the most decisive in passing, he says that CESC Fabregas.
CESC Fabregas has said, leaving arsenal made him feel very sad, is in fact not only was this feeling. I found him and keep him at arsenal, I feel this way about him too. He grew up in Barcelona, his grandfather worked for FC Barcelona, new balance womens from small to large, he trained in Barcelona training camp, once the best team in the world. CESC Fabregas wants to play for Barcelona, I finally asked him "surrender", and I think he thought that was very reasonable. Maintains a relationship of mutual respect between us, in my opinion, a little bit that Mazer. Leaving Barcelona he is 16 years old and his mother arrived in London. He said "Barca don't trust me, I came here because I know you will trust me. "After CESC Fabregas show a side of his character, sometimes I wonder where his personality was coming from, that he left the Club to play for arsenal. On this point, and I respect his decision.


The Spain national team, CESC Fabregas can sometimes play up front, this is not his usual position, and for what? Speed and physical defense is not his strong suit. In my opinion, he should be Spain representative of modern football players. I am pleased to convey the impression to the outside world--for the Spain national team, I have unlimited worship means. First, they are very low-key, humble. Won the European Cup, after the World Cup and the European Cup, they showed a particularly low profile, comment on football now of increasing emphasis on confrontation, Spain to show the world their wisdom and skills as very efficient. In this regard, I would like to thank Spain's contribution to the team in that regard. In Spain, Fabregas is scheduled to play up front is a good example. That's not what he was good at, but Spain team holds the ball, that they will at some point find the regulation buzzer, even from the physical strength, they do not have a striker like thing.
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