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ribbons flying from the bow breath with a smart

Its design looks very thick, but giving a high quality, so by the majority of beautiful young lady like. But there are a lot of headache how MM sponge cake and shoes on the feet you look better, wearing out their current fan? Prety son than smaller make up now to check it out. 1, Ribbon charm with the spirit of Central Bohemia style shoes, its hooked flower designs that have a sweet style, ribbons flying from the bow breath with a smart, sweet and cute. Fly Ribbon design can be modified while Pina Bausch shank, make legs look more slender.  nike air max 1 sale   Can say the shoe is perfect, there is no need for complicated and pairing, simple dress is most fitting. 2, thick-soled said quietly comfortable flat thick-soled platform shoes are designed for wear thin heels feel tired friends design, so these shoes are very comfortable. Can be said to be a section of the Joker. There is a clip on toe wear is excellent, more suitable for a leisurely walk, also suitable for many occasions, whether matching skirts or trousers are very good, unlike the nike air max 2013 uk   Ribbon a little complicated, more suitable for revealing MM style ... 3, the tough Roman wind

This type of shoe soles more soft, Romanesque style seems to have a strong felt, shoe designed with special charm, a perfect personality unique MM, but this one is also very good matches, a pair of jeans and t-shirt relaxed Dolman sleeve, a lazy and sexy suddenly distributed from the inside, is easily the most eye-catching match well. Idyllic  nike air max 90 cheap  4, rattan, fresh wind in the forest age of females hit the freshness of the pastoral style is MM's favor. Bow embellishment and a rattan personality patterns, sweet meiqi moments powerful, MM can mix lace dress, speaking style fresh and sweet in the end. Not too thick MM 5, sole likes to wear very high platform shoes, walking a two new mothers avoid chills. Xiaobian recommended MM camel shoes or wearing platform shoes slightly shorter is better, 5-7CM would have been enough because it's too high can make people feel a sense of AWE, and well matching clothes, how they felt a little weird, unless you wear long skirts cover your feet. 6, strong fish mouth design don't know MM are found, fish mouth shoes all over these two years? No interview in a store is not, nike air max 95 uk   can be said to be very powerful. But I have to say, fish mouth shoes does have its unique charm, simple but not simple, beautiful and not ornate.

Belli e pieno di tacchi non hanno paura, le onde più in alto possibile per la salute e l'atteggiamento. Piuttosto che cosce ben tese, non ancora esaurite, ancora la luce? E questa è la caratteristica essenziale di indossare i tacchi alti, scarpe alte e sottili al peculiare suono, ritmo e pulito, attraente, diventare una componente essenziale della bellezza arriva e anche a se stesso è un piacere da godere insieme. F. esercizi per mantenere il corpo superiore ad un ritmo, il centro di gravità non viene mantenuta in mezzo le gambe. Si può cercare in specchio, riflessione, pavimento al soffitto finestre, o chiedere gli amici per aiutare, potrebbe essere efficacemente esaminare sporgendosi in avanti o all'indietro Errori postura del corpo. Inoltre, le gambe interagiscono quando fate un passo fuori e non necessariamente in linea retta, leggermente sovrapposte, finchè le gambe naturali a piedi. Può essere perché il tacco è troppo alto, nike air max lunar uk   al fine di mantenere l'equilibrio del corpo, una forza indietro è obbligatoria in tutti i tempi. Subito dopo la camminata dovrebbe essere yaoyan per perno, offset di Spinta in avanti, spalle post-tese, il corpo può anche formare una base a forma di s. Mentre leggera oscillazione intorno a vita e anche vita imperniare, sinistra-destra equilibrio raggiunto. Mani rilassati giù, oscillazione naturale e sembra di grande fascino.

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