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Gucci here collected and processed leather

A few confessed that most of the products coming out of China brands, they all produce at low prices in the labour market, to improve their margins. An analyst at Merrill Lynch said: "for those selling expensive but cheap luxury, something I think that production in China is not that big a deal. "But the world's top brands are hypocrisy and cover China, the" world's factory "for the value of their brands, they emphasized the" made in Europe ". Gucci's main factory is located near Florence Scandicci, Gucci here adidas toe touch lace white   collected and processed leather, cutting between finished goods are exported to dozens of cars to be assembled. Most of the workers were in the workshop was born from a family of cobblers, Gucci with the factory as Italy identify shelter after the production process. The fact is that 1997-2002 in 5 years, the factory shipments increased 6 times.

In 1997, produced a classic Louis Vuitton bags need 23 days, by 2002, only 4 days. More and more industries, increasing profit ambitions, in 1985, the bonade·anuote acquired the Dior, 20 years later, he would develop into the world's largest luxury goods group LVMH group, with more than 50 brands. After Arnott, Richemont group, the birth of the Prada group. So, should pay attention to the personality of the fashion industry, became a global uniform, high speeds, unbeatable commercial machines. A Director of the LVMH group, said: "our borders have expanded beyond the scope of the rich. "At the moment, tangna·tuomasi, a resident of Paris's fashion reporter, the first sharp challenge to this commercial machine. In her book how luxury lost luster, believes that the fashion industry's ever-larger, assembly line

Production will be at the cost of the expensive cost of technology. Craft carefully tailored luxury and mass production of fashion are two different things, but capitalists through a rigorous set of media outreach, using people to pursue the identity of consciousness, amplifying the costs and benefits of the brand. 21 year old Ma Mingyang studied at Jilin Normal University GIS specialty. Is now in his third year at avid collection adidas springblade razor uk   of sneakers, that Beijing is home to boots, so hope to be in Beijing for the first time to reach more of the boots. Questions about boots and knowledge, he whispered. Even more bluntly, "shoes more important than girlfriend"! As sneaker enthusiasts, he is as a good user experience for Le Maiti five suggestions and weaknesses, the hosts are good music buy Li Shubin to bribe for him. After some communication, BOSS are referred to as marketing genius and began another round of war.

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